Still Rolling…With The Flow

img_1092Lessons. There have been so many these past few months. I know every moment has the potential to teach us something, and I love when a lesson quietly unfolds before my very eyes. Without effort. Without trumpets or flags. I especially love lessons that require no tissues.

The other day, my son and I went to the airport to meet his friend from out west. What an enjoyable early morning drive we had in. Thankfully, all deer stayed where they were and our timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. True alignment.

We stopped for breakfast on the way home. Tim’s breakfasts . A nice break with happy coffee drinkers all around us. I enjoy that calmness that starts at my shoulders and eases down my body when I get a fresh cup of Tim’s in my hand. Do you ever feel that too? Anyway, my son’s friend had extra coffee to finish, so brought it with him.”Does your car have cup holders back here?” he asked, since he’d been sitting in the back seat. In our eagerness to help him, we both started looking in the obvious-to-us places for a cup holder. Quietly, the young man felt across the back seat and said,”What about this?” He then flipped down an arm rest with 2 cup holders. I hadn’t taken notice of it before. Neither my son nor I saw it as we poked this and nudged that in our search.

Maybe it wasn’t a huge big deal, but to me was. My son’s friend is blind.


One thought on “Still Rolling…With The Flow

  1. I just read your blog. Isn’t it wonderful that the lessons just keep coming at us. I’m sure this young man could stop us in our tracks, with the lessons he could teach. Thanks for sharing sis.


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