Woodpile Season

IMG_0535My little helpers are not here this year. Most of this wood has already be burned and another pile is waiting to be processed. I’ve been handling wood for two days and my body is shocked from all the movement. Shocked in a funny, good way. After a winter of books, snacks, tending chickens, internet, more snacks, and slow starts to the day, I’m now in Spring mode. Earlier mornings, fewer snacks, more activity and a page or two of a book before I fall into a delicious rest. Yes, the chickens are still being tended to too. They have this treat-thing going on now. Any suggestions for something other than black oil sunflower seeds? They get food scraps and have had more berries than I have this winter, so they are not hurtin’ for eats in any way.

My frugal lifestyle continues. My gym remains simple. A shovel in winter and a wood splitter in Spring. The arms seem to get the best workout but many, many other muscles, that I can’t even name, make their presence known by either aching and silently screaming as I move. Their protests makes me walk funny sometimes. Thank you body for serving me so well. The wood has warmed me , through handling it, about 3 times so far. The flies haven’t hit yet, and that’s what keeps me motivated to get as much done as soon as possible. Once they attack, the fun level of outdoor activities drops considerably.

The sun is out. I’m eager to begin this day. Isn’t it funny that with winter as far away as it can get, part of me is still dwelling there.


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