Happy Spring, Happy Easter

IMG_1365Are you as tickled as I am, that Spring has arrived? My heart truly fluttered when I glanced down my old to-do list. My enthusiasm has been refreshed over the winter months. The wood splitter has had an oil change and is ready to go. One building is cleaned out and tidied up. Thanks to Muffin, the garden is tilled.  A basket of seeds wait for the moon to get in place. My pet cemetery is thisclose to being finished. A simple, earthy place, where once treasured little bodies rest. Their missions were accomplished. Metal has been ordered for the hen house roof. { The girls and Biscuit have nice frothy white curtains now too} My happy place, also known as a ‘greenhouse’, has been cleaned out. When that roof got fixed ,we’d light candles, grab a coffee, and go out there to sit and chat. The uglier the weather, the cozier it was. When did we stop doing that…..

Today is Easter Sunday. I love Easter for more reasons than I can count.  It’s a sacred reminder of love. Kindness. Forgiveness. A fresh start. The chocolate is rather nice too.


One thought on “Happy Spring, Happy Easter

  1. Good morning sis…your words make me feel like grabbing a rag and making a bee line to the closest dirty window. I don’t know whether to thank you or not. Haha Happy Spring!


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