The 25th

img_0082My heart and head crave this sunny place today .  It’s dreary outside . Grey . Foggy . Mud up to the chickens ankles , even though they haven’t left the hen house yet . I know this day can be whatever I choose to make it , and I plan to enjoy it as best I can . It’s been 4 years today since Greg made his transition . Feels like yesterday . I could easily lose myself in memories and make myself sick…but I choose not to . Instead , I’ll celebrate all the positives that found me , since my new situation began .

Help and love from family and friends has become my most prized possession . I mean that . I’ll never forget the many acts of kindness that pulled me through… and family and friends who continue to support me in one way or another . Thank you !

I’m still basking in the fun of working the way I want to . By releasing a seasonal job I gained the freedom to do exactly what I want for income . It took 3 years to get off the fence of indecision , and I’m so thankful I went with what my heart wanted .

I still cannot believe my shop became a manifestation . The building of it was such an enjoyable journey . Muffin coming into my life , supporting my dream , working on the building of it together …. The Universe does conspire in our favor . The touch of a higher power was obvious in all the details that steered my direction . Thank you Divine!

I’ve met new people . People who feel like they’ve always been part of my life . New treasures . I love and celebrate the unique-ness of each one . Timing has been directed by The Divine as well .

It feels like I have bloomed internally . I feel free . I know what I want . I’ve embraced the fact that we all have our own journey . Change is constant . Greg’s journey was right for him . The Divine makes no mistakes . I choose to accept what has been , and  to remain thankful for all the lessons that I’ve learned . On this grey day I choose to embrace all the wonderful gifts that have found me .

My heart remains open , always ,  to receive all the subtle signs and nudges from Greg . I know he’s  happy too .


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