Catching My Breath

What a day ! That sunshine is a tonic ! I need more of it so will head back outside in a few minutes . May the cupcake I inhaled and the coffee I enjoyed boost me with energy. So far I got my basics done inside . Gave Ruby a soak in epsom salts again this morning. She almost fell asleep in the tub and made no effort to fly away when I used my hair dryer to dry her feathers . Then I put vaseline on her legs . I think one leg/or foot , is still sore from the mink attack . I’m expecting great things from the epsom salts soak . I’m also observing Ruby’s behavior . Poor little girl acts like she has no friends on the playground . She acts lost . After the mink attack , I had to move the 3 remaining chickens in the porch . Ruby stayed all night because of her sore leg , but the other 2 went in the other hen house at dusk . Since then , one more made her transition , so there are only 2 left from that flock . I’m fighting the urge to keep Ruby inside with me. A chicken in the house ? Due to my cleanliness standards , it won’t happen , but I imagine it . The hen house had a good cleaning this morning . Gathered 6 eggs total , which is the most they’ve laid in awhile. It does feel good to have one flock , all in one hen house.

Yesterday afternoon I made white bread . A friend dropped in, which was a real treat , as always . I had a trip to Bridgewater to take Muffin’s sister to physio , in the morning . We ate at A&W , which was tasty . Now they have the number of calories posted beside each item on the menu . I skipped the fries , thanks to that added bit of info , but took one of June’s when she offered me some of hers . I believe I need more meals of raw carrots and hummus, and need to move around more .  Great idea ! Off I go….



One thought on “Catching My Breath

  1. Oh no ! A mink attack!? I hope you didn’t lose many:(
    Bathtub pictures? I hope you let her convalesce in the house. Because that would be so funny!


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