A Simple Thought


IMG_3020.JPGA friend visited this past week. He’s a special one. He’s diabetic, so only drinks a coffee when he’s here. No sugary anything. No stevia . Plain coffee watered down with 1% milk. What self control ! He does have a vehicle thing going on. Driving something different every time he visits. The common denominator is every vehicle looks  new, even if it’s 9 years old. Good eye,Al !

As anyone who knows me knows, I really enjoy people. I love having friends in for coffee and I love sharing my flavored teas too. I love having homemade anything to share. I love pulling the rocking chair from the living room to add comfort. I love pretty napkins to dribble wet spoons over. I love a fresh tablecloth with fold seams lined up just so. I love when birds visit the kitchen feeder, as we sit and chat. The universe seems so in order. Such alignment. I love how natural conversations can lead to deeper thoughts. The oh-that’s-how-that-happens, the what-do-you-thinks,  the how-do-you-do-its and the sometimes annoying can-you-help-me-withs. Isn’t it amazing how we all have such different journeys that bring us to this present moment, and how we all can still find common ground  in thought. Isn’t it interesting, how we have all experienced so many different situations, yet basically come to the same general conclusions. So many roads leading to the same destination. Such long journeys, so many decisions and choices …..that have led such interesting people to my kitchen. Do you ever consider, for more than a fleeting moment, ALL the details that have made this very moment possible?

Al is a manifestation of one of the ‘goals’ I listed , at the time of planning my shop. So is Linda. So are Janet and Larry. Of course, earning income was on my list. Being newly released from my seasonal job nudged me into churning the usual thoughts about money and work. What I’d now HAVE to do and gee, I’d better get a good worry going about ‘making ends meet’. I’ve never regretted releasing myself from my summer job commitment. I was more curious about how things would unfold in the shop AND if I’d reach that ‘goal’ of making good ripples. That was huge! Happy to announce I made some good ripples. I made some new friends and I’d have missed the joy of meeting Al, Linda and Janet and Larry, if my shop had not existed. We still keep in touch. Other beautiful magic happened too, with family and friends supporting my dream, even when I had wobbles. Getting back to Al though….we had such a nice visit. He was beaming because only hours before, he found out he can have 3 ‘treats’ a month. He’s been on  a strict diet to control his sugars and because of his self control, he’s lost over 12 lbs. Now he’s allowed to satisfy some of those food daydreams. On his way home, he was going to a place called Angie’s. He was going to order a steak, with mushrooms and gravy. Potato. Vegetables. I suggested some apple pie and ice cream too. Being the self controlled guy he is, a small serving perhaps. I was so excited for him! I’d love to have seen his face as he was being served.

Our conversation went in other directions too. Just before I went outside to give my opinion on his newest car, he shared a little thought he had. I think it’s so cute. …” To know how sweet your home may be, Go away, But keep the key.”  It’s time to get my embroidery cotton out, and a fresh towel.


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