A State of Mind

 Sunday I delivered my last snippets of Christmas.  About time! Two poor beat up apple pies , a towel that might need another washing by now, some molasses cookies that time might have improved-probably-not, a box of kleenex, some canned soup,  and a bear hug. ALL delivered! Sunday was the day after the storm and so cold. The sky seemed eager to make amends with a bright sun and blue cheeks. The breeze was more playful than mean. I walked over the road in that direction, with what felt like two steps forward and one back. The snow was slippery so I adjusted to my winter stride. Short, comfortable steps.

My days have held measurable amounts of time tending my chickens. When cold snaps happen, water has to be checked for freezing and I’m mindful of taking out food bits that hold some warmth. The new girls, Pearls and Rubies, do not like snow. It makes my stomach hurt when I think of my chickens out in cold buildings, while I’m inside beside a warm fire. At such times, I feel the new year.  No more holidays to  use as an excuse to avoid decision making, or use as a marker to delay anything. Focus self! Get on it! Right now I have what I consider good ideas,  on improving the circumstances of my flocks, for next winter. And you know what! NOW is the time to start getting organized or my story will resemble the one about the monkeys with the leaky roof.  It’s also time to remind myself of the ‘seeds’ I planted last fall within. When daylight shortened   I allowed myself to do more embroidery, reading and coloring. Thank you self. That fun time helped me get recharged  for the next season’s demands.  Since fall, I’ve gained a couple new clients to clean for. I’m starting to have visions for my shop. I could try to plan financially, but I choose to focus on enjoying the journey instead. It’s easy to make sound financial decisions when the money gets measurable. When it’s not measurable, it’s even easier.  No spending!

I’m excited about 2017.I feel prepared. I’ve climbed a few mountains. I’ve gone out on a limb or two. I’ve released. I’ve grasped. I’ve been a royal pain. I’ve been observant. I have treasures for family and friends  I have a handle on what serves me and what is best avoided. There have been lots of lessons and time will tell if I’ve remembered the valuable ones. For sure, no matter what the situation, hang on and keep climbing….. or keep walking, even if it’s short comfortable steps. That’s the secret !img_0083


4 thoughts on “A State of Mind

    • Glad you like it ! That was taken during my climb up Big Chief in B.C.
      The monkey story was in a school reader when I was YOUNG. A group of monkeys had a roof that leaked big time. When it rained, they were so uncomfortable that they’d promise to fix the roof when the next sunny day rolled around. However, when the sun came out, they’d forget about the roof and go play, neglecting fixing their roof. I don’t remember if they ever fixed it or not.


  1. Just read your latest blog. Don’t need to read the “Chicken Soup” books while I have you for my sister/friend. Wonderful read first thing this morning with my coffee in hand. Hoping to see you soon. Hugs


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